Mediation or global settlement conferences are increasingly effective, non-adversarial, and cost-effective methods of resolving personal injury claims before a lawsuit is filed or before trial. From the time a lawsuit is filed, a typical personal injury lawsuit takes 18 months or more to get to trial. Judges order almost all cases to mediation.

A mutually-agreeable mediator is hired by the parties to help facilitate a resolution, but the mediator does not decide a case. The parties decide. Mediations are done in a private office setting, rather than at a courthouse before a judge or jury. The mediation process takes about three hours, but it can take longer depending on the complexity of the case. Discussions during mediation are confidential.

Ronald L. Arend is a certified Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator with over 30 years practicing personal injury law. He has represented both injured people and defended people and businesses against personal injury claims. He has tried well over 100 jury trials and participated in many hundreds of mediations over three decades.

Scheduling mediation is easy. View our calendar below for available dates and times and our current fee schedule for other information. Simply submit your mediation request to us, and if we don’t have a conflict of interest, we will send you confirmation of your request within 24 hours!


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