Proven. Tenacious. Tough. Thorough. Compassionate.

Arend & Sisk’s two law partners and our excellent long-time trial team are a statewide legal family based in Southwest Florida since 1987. Our law firm size ensures dedicated, personalized care of your case by very experienced, detail-oriented, efficient, cost-conscious, hard-working partners with combined trial careers totaling over 50 years and well over 100 jury trials, including complex and catastrophic cases. Your case is not passed along to someone else in our firm. For half a century, we have listened intently to the physical, emotional, and financial stresses of personal injury to the families of those hurt and those we defend against injury claims. Representing families on “both sides of the fence,” and providing mediation and global settlement conference services to resolve others’ cases to avoid the risk and uncertain outcome of a jury trial, gives us a unique “insider’s” insight not found in other firms into the dynamics and strategies from all perspectives. We would be honored to passionately fight for you.

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